ReviewCoreASPHosting.NET | Best, cheap and affordable ASP.NET core 1.0 hosting. Ninet and are two reputed european web hosting providers with more than ten years’ experience in the market. Ninet pays special attention to Windows hosting while offers a set of hosting solutions, including reseller hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, as well as the Windows ASP.NET hosting.

Because of their great reputation, it is not easy for webmasters to figure out who is the better provider for ASP.NET hosting. This Ninet vs comparison is about to fix this issue. We will focus on their plans, performance, customer service and performance. – European Hosting for small business

Ninet offers four ASP.NET hosting packages for shared hosting. There is the “Basic” (€25.00/yearly), “Standard”(€35.00/yearly), “Gold” (€65.00/month), and “Platinum” (€129.00/month). – Best, cheap ASP.NET Core 1.0 Hosting offers various ASP.NET Core hosting plan on their shared hosting plan. lowest plan named Classic Plan which start from € 3.49/month. Then, the second plan named Budget plan from € 5.50/month, Economy plan from €8.00/month, Business plan from €10.99/month. They also offer Cloud shared hosting plan for clients that require more resources and powerful speed for their site. vs Ninet ASP.NET Core Hosting Performance guarantees 99.9% uptime, because of premium hardware, data centers and network infrastructure; Ninet also guarantees 100% uptime because of its high quality data centers, cloud technology. only applies enterprises grade 15K RPM drives in RAID 10 arrangement for the best reliability and performance. It also understands the importance of performance, so it utilizes UPS power supply and N+1 generator architecture to resolve power outage. Ninet carefully choose the best locations, uses Tier 1 telecom providers and direct Internet connections to ensure great network. Premium NOC has well-trained staffs maintaining software for high performance.

Security is key factor for online business success. provides customers with DDoS attack response, secured entrance & exit, firewall, as well as brute force detection. Nightly security updates are also included.

As for Ninet, the company deploys servers in well-designed data centers. Each of them is equipped with redundant battery cabinets, UPS supply, and premium distribution units, guaranteeing uninterruptable power supply. Also, Tier 1 premium bandwidth providers ensure fast connections to each point of global Internet.

As for security, Ninet equips high quality security facilities including solid external walls and access card system, site remote monitoring and more. Its highly trained technicians are on-site round the clock, giving the fastest incident response time. vs Ninet ASP.NET Core 1.0 Hosting Support

From our experience, Ninet customer support is not good enough. That’s the bottom line with Ninet. Most customers report that the hold time with customer service is at least 20 minutes, and usually closer to 30 minutes. Then, their support will also advise you to open ticket via their system.

In other hand, is web hosting provider that focusing on ASP.NET hosting platform, they have well trained staff and they can fix your issue within few minutes. Based on our experience, their support will response within 10-20 minutes and solve your problem on the spot.

Finnaly we Find The Best ASP.NET Core with!

Both of ASP.NET hosting above are good. But if we compare side by side based on their pricing, features, reliability, uptime, and technical support, we would recommend you to go with With €3.49/mo with unlimited disk space n bandwidht, you can get reliable ASP.NET Core hosting provider. This is really a good deal!

For more information, please just visit their official site at Review
99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
High-Grade Security System
Powerful Control Panel is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET 5/ ASP.NET Core 1.0 Hosting in European Continent. was established to cater to an under served market in the hosting industry; web hosting for customers who want excellent service. This is why continues to prosper throughout the web hosting industry's maturation process.
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