ReviewCoreASPHosting.NET | Best and cheap ASP.NET hosting. Being powered by a batch of professional people, HostForLIFE spares no efforts to make its ASP.NET hosting products an ideal combination of affordability and rich features. In cooperation with big names like Afilias and ICANN, 1and1 has gained its market share with its specialty in domain registration and eCommerce sales.

To make a decision between HostForLIFE and 1and1 is not difficult, as the former far surpasses its competitor from many points, including performance and support. On top of that, the latter is said to be sketchy with its cancellation policy and limited in features. Further down, let’s view more in-depth information.

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Pricing & Packages

HostForLIFE is included with three upgradable packages that are namely Classic, , Budget, Economy and Business plans. For regular rate, this company fixes the Windows hosting plans at the price from €3.49/Mo. 15% OFF . But currently, it offers a €2.97/Mo sale price, which is 15% off the regular price and accessible in the promotion link in below.

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In comparison, 1and1 is made up of three optional packages – Basic, Unlimited and Performance. In terms of charge, the plans are set at $5.99/mo, $8.99/mo and $14.99/mo, and it is far from its “cost-effective” goal.

It is true that the Unlimited plan now charges $0.99/mo only for the first year. However, the cost is still not quite affordable in the long run. Since 1and1 only offers 1-year term, customers would have no choice but to pay $6.99/mo after the first year of subscription. Compared with HostForLIFE Classic plan which allows customers to enjoy a low cost of €2.97/Mo for a long time up to 5 years, 1and1 Unlimited plan is not competitive enough.

In terms of the refund guarantee, both companies promise 30-day refund, so that first-time customers get almost a whole month for trials and tests. Those who are unsatisfied can cancel the service during that time and then request a refund. Note that for both web hosts, domains and other add-on services are nonrefundable.


HostForLIFE and 1and1 indeed have certain features in common, such as isolated application pool, MSSQL 2012 and MySQL 5, but the latter is far more limited in resources, which is beyond description.

To name a few, for database and development features, HostForLIFE supports SQL backup and restore, databases access, ASP.NET 4.5/3.5SP/2/1.1, ASP.NET MVC 5/4/3/2/1, PHP 5.4/5.3/5.2, Node.js, Silverlight 5/4, Perl CGI/CGI/Exe, etc. As for basic hosting features, this company includes IIS 8, MS Web Deploy, WebMatrix and URL Rewrite Module 2, etc.

Compared with its rival, 1and1 only makes a pale announcement that it adopts all .NET framework up to 4.5 version and has no specific information about its ASP.NET anymore, not to mention the lack of many development and database features. More than that, it sets a strict limit on resources and web space.

Control Panel

A significant difference between the ASP.NET hosting services offered by HostForLIFE and 1and1 is the control panel. The former adopts a popular third-party control panel named PleskPanel, and the latter uses a custom one designed and built by its own technical team.

Both control panels make it easy to complete some simple tasks like accessing the server data, managing application installation, setting up domains, etc. However, unlike PleskPanel which is gaining increasing popularity due to outstanding ease of use and good design, 1and1 control panel has been criticized heavily for the slow responses and lack of getting-start guides.

In addition, HostForLIFE offers a demo for PleskPanel with which customers can try the features easily, while 1and1 does not. Little information about 1and1 control panel can be found.


HostForLIFE deploys its data centers with first-rated air conditioning and heating infrastructures. In addition, this company makes use of an interrupted power supply and 24×7 network monitoring to ensure a reliable and secure hosting environment. As a result, this hosting provider has nearly 100% uptime, while its peer keeps a constant uptime of 99.97% during the past month.

In terms of speed, 1and1 is not as powerful as it has proclaimed. It is said that its servers are extremely slow and encounters frequent connection problems in the real world. According to our performance testing conducted in the previous months, this company fails to realize its promise with more than 750ms response time. In below, we have figured out a performance-comparison chart between 1and1 and its competitor. Move on to the real conditions.

As is seen, HostForLIFE is over 2 times faster than 1and1. We have found multiple reasons for this result, including:

  • HostForLIFE uses high-performance Dell server with full SSD storage.
  • CloudFlare CDN can be enabled for HostForLIFE customers to speed up the delivery of static content.
  • HostForLIFE always offers the fastest routes and paths for transferring customers’ data.

Customer Service

HostForLIFE takes credit for efficient and knowledgeable customer service email ticketing support. With patience and passion, their technical personnel are poised to walk webmasters through resolving the current problems or issues, be complicated or simple. Apart from that, the bilingual support is the most persuasive proof for its considerate service and it is rarely seen elsewhere.

The technical support from 1and1 is beyond bad. Unlike other reputable hosting providers which offer toll-free phone call, 1and1 charges for a considerable amount of fees for phone call support. In this way, its technical staffs are only accessible through time-consuming email or paid phone call. As a matter of fact, the replied solution is said to be clueless and is a waste of time.

Final Judgement

From our well-thought-to comparison between 1and1 and HostForLIFE, it is evident that the former is the better ASP.NET hosting choice for people seeking for an affordable, fast and feature-rich web host. For more details, please visit the official site

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