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Online, you generally get what you pay for.

If something looks, smells, and feels low budget, the performance you’re gonna get probably won’t be too far off either.

However, cheap web hosting doesn’t have to suck. (Despite the fact that many of them, well, do.)

Over the past year, we’ve been bombarded with emails from people who are looking for cheap web hosts that don’t break the bank, but don’t sacrifice quality too much either

Here’s how we found the cheapest hosting providers

  • Dedicated a whole week to find cheapest web hosting providers: Combed through our 30+ reviews to date to hand-select the cheapest web hosting companies available.
  • Double-checked their background to see if they’re legit: Which ones provide quality support, and which provide something that… well, barely classifies as support.
  • Double checked their renewal prices: Many hosts suck you in with dirt-cheap introductory prices, only to raise it 300% (!) in some cases when it’s time to renew.
  • Figured out if they provide a FREE domain or not: Some do. Some don’t. Some claim it’s ‘free’, only to charge you later under certain restrictions.
  • Put together a list of the cheapest host we could find: Exactly as it sounds — the cheapest (reputable) options available!

What we reviewed (Uptime, Load Time, Customer Support…)

Our job here at ReviewCoreASPHosting.NET is to analyze different web hosts; cutting through the BS-promotional claims on most of their websites to provide honest transparent reviews based on real data and performance (not just who cuts us the biggest commission check).

We’ve reviewed ASP.NET hosting providers so far, personally analyzing critical hosting features like:

  • Uptime: The #1 job of a web host is to keep your site online. If that doesn’t happen, you’re in trouble. To analyze, we setup test websites with each host and monitored the performance rigorously over a year. Then we’ve compiled detailed data and statistics so you can see exactly how often our site was live (or down).
  • Site Speed: Page loading times are arguably the second most critical factor from a web host, as they affect everything from basic usability by shaping the customer’s experience, to helping (or hurting) search rankings and site conversions.
  • Live Customer Support: We personally tested the support departments at each host, capturing screenshots of our interactions and reporting back the details about how long it took for them to respond, if their support agents were knowledgeable, or if there were any issues that you should know about prior to signing up.
  • Third-Party Customer Reviews: We also researched the experiences that other customers have had with support departments to make sure our experience alone wasn’t a fluke or random occurrence.
  • Sign Up Process: You can get up-and-running in a few seconds with some hosts, while others might take hours. (Some will even hit you with upsells the entire way, putting you in a virtual mine field trying to escape without accidentally purchasing a bunch of extra stuff you don’t need.)
  • The Fine Print: You know the very last step, where companies make you tick the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box to assure you’ve read it (even though you haven’t)? That’s literally where all the surprises are buried. But don’t worry, we’ve read through this boring junk important stuff so you don’t have to.
  • Extras: Some hosts throw in helpful extras, like free SSL certificates or Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to enhance your site’s experience for next to nothing.

Cheap ASP.NET Core 1.0 Hosting Comparison in 2017 – HostForLIFE vs DiscountASP.NET

To compare them, we have reviewed and tested the pricing, ASP.NET hosting features and technologies, reputation, uptime, speed and technical support. The ratings below reveal the 2 companies’ edges and weaknesses toward each other. Details about each aspect are analyzed with real statistics.


Plan in ReviewClassicBase
Loading Speed  
Customers’ Rating  


Company Background & Reputation

Both of HostForLIFE and DiscountASP.NET have been focusing on quality Windows hosting only. And due to their continuous efforts made to enhance their services with the latest Microsoft technologies, both of them are now Microsoft Gold Hosting providers.

HostForLIFE has data centers in Europe, US and UK . Comparatively, DiscountASP.NET uses data centers in the US and the UK to cover the hosting needs of those in Europe and North America.

Both of the two web hosts offer solutions for businesses, developers and other individual users. However, there are indeed big differences between their pricing, feature and support.

Pricing & Refund

HostForLIFE has released 4 plans named as Classic, Budget, Economy and Business which are priced from €3.49/Mo. 15% OFF , €5.50/Mo. 15% OFF€8.00/Mo. 15% OFF and €10.99/Mo. 15% OFF regularly. As there is an up to 15% discount available for people signing up by using the promotional link below, the discounted prices of the plans are €2.97/Mo, €4.67/Mo, €6.80/Mo and €9.34/Mo. The plans can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. Full refund is valid for the first 30 days.

[su_button url=”” style=”ghost” background=”#16cceb” color=”#111010″ size=”5″ icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#0f24b7″]BIG SALE ASP.NET Hosting €3.49/Mo. [/su_button]

DiscountASP.NET has been focusing on only 1 ASP.NET hosting plan – Base. The regular price of Base is $10/mo, but subscribers ordering through the promotional link below can get a special price of $5/mo, 50% off. The cost is still affordable for ASP.NET hosting. Just like its competitor, DiscountASP.NET allows full refund for the initial 30 days, too.

In addition, both companies allow instant account activation, and they do not charge any extra fee for that.


According to our investigation, HostForLIFE and DiscountASP.NET have the same advanced technologies. Both of them utilize Windows 2008/2012, MSSQL 2012/2014, IIS 7/8, ASP.NET core 1.0/5/4.5.1, ASP.NET MVC 6, Classic ASP, and the latest versions of many other features.

However, when it comes to server resources, DiscountASP.NET lags behind much. The Base plan includes only 1000 MB disk space and 80 GB bandwidth, while even the Basic plan of HostForLIFE comes with  Unlimited disk storage and unlimited bandwidth. For a clear comparison, we have listed the main features of Base and Classic in the following table.


Plan in ComparisonClassicBase
Disk SpaceUnlimited1000 MB
BandwidthUnlimited80 GB
Full Trust Yes Yes
Isolated Application Pool Yes Yes
Control PanelPlesk PanelCustom Control Panel
MySQL 5 YesYes
Email AccountsUnlimited500
Daily Backup Yes No
Regular Price€3.49/Mo$10/mo
Special Offer15% Off50% Off
Discounted Price€2.97/Mo$5/mo
Claim the OfferLink ActivationLink Activation


From the feature comparison above, you can see that besides the amount of resources, another significant difference between the two web hosts is the control panel. Attention must be paid to this aspect because for most users, the design and features of the control panel decide how they can manage their account, install applications and build simple websites, etc.

To relieve users from complex website and account management, HostForLIFE offers Plesk Panel, one of the most popular Windows hosting control panels, for all users. Being well developed and maintained, Plesk Panel comes with an icon-based user interface which looks simple and modern. In contrast, DiscountASP.NET has developed its own control panel Instead of utilizing any third-party control panel.

Both of Plesk Panel and the custom control panel of DiscountASP.NET is built with many useful features including:

  • A 1-click installer for various applications, such as DotNetNuke, Orchard, BlogEngine.NET, nopCommerce, WordPress, Drupal, and Kentico.
  • Billing management options, including billing history and billing information update.
  • IIS tools and Web Deploy settings.
  • A domain manager, DNS manager, database management tools, and email management.
  • And so on.

Despite these excellent features included in both control panels, Plesk Panel still wins DiscountASP.NET control panel in the design, ease of use and popularity.

ASP.NET Hosting Uptime & Speed

HostForLIFE has multiple data centers in Europe, US and UK which serve webmasters with visitors in Asia, North America and Europe. All data centers are housed with Dell servers, a redundant power system and an advanced cooling system to ensure a reliable platform for websites to run. Besides, the RAID 5 protection, Cisco firewall and daily backup contribute much to data security.

DiscountASP.NET mainly serves demands in UK and US by using state-of-the-art data centers in these 2 countries. The company places Dell PowerEdge servers with RAID 10 disk arrays and 16-32 GB RAM in the data centers to deliver the best possible performance. Both data centers are equipped with 24×7 security and monitoring. Complete power redundancy is also utilized.

In terms of network infrastructure, both companies use multi-layer redundant network and enterprise-grade Cisco switches to ensure steady and fast page loads. In addition, HostForLIFE also supplies SSDs to speed up transaction and loading speed to be up to 20 times faster.

Due to the cutting-edge facilities and technologies, HostForLIFE and DiscountASP.NET have achieved good results in the speed testing. Check the chart below for detailed statistics.

Technical Support

Both of HostForLIFE and DiscountASP.NET have an email ticket system which allows customers to send support requests when they are troubled. All issues are expected to gain a solution within 24 hours. What sets the 2 companies apart in support is that HostForLIFE has one more communication channel – live chat, which is convenient and efficient for resolving hosting problems.

Conclusion – Both Are Worth Going

Based on our research into the 2 providers’ advantages over each other and their differences on the user base, both of them are excellent ASP.NET hosting providers that are reliable, responsible and affordable. However, the differences indicate that HostForLIFE is a better option for people running websites for business needs or personal interests, and DiscountASP.NET is more suitable for web developers.


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